Phantom of the Paradise ★★★★★

Brian de Palma’s own version of phantom of the opera is a masterpiece, madness!! Beautiful!! 
A Multi-layer masterpiece, one of tragedy, pain, comedy, horror and colorful. 

The movie is a dark comedy that makes you feel bad for laughing with beautiful cinematography and a story all too familiar. I don’t know how to put the bizarre film into words.. I’m not sure what to even say. 

The singing is fantastic, the acting is amazing, the story is fantastic and the satire and comedy elements just enhances the whole movie!! 
The movies themes and layers are easy to explain, but it’s so simple I’m not sure how to even explain them too you hahah 

The movie is bat shit crazy and you’ll sing away and scream quote of the movie right away too your friends or random stranges yelling, “ Phoenix!!!!!” Ahahah 
I truly can’t explain this movie too you, just writing the review makes me giggle and laugh thinking about the movie. It’s not all fun and games it is tragic and depressing especially when you look at it from the real world context. 

It’s a simple movie, but also complex at the same time. Crazy, wonderful, funny and sad all at once and if I’m being honest probably better then the phantom of the opera story... yeah I know controversial. 

Brian de Palma is a fucking genius!!!

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