The Dead Don't Die

The Dead Don't Die ★★★★★

Jim jarmusch literally just became my favorite director with just two movies!!!!!!! 

Who is that mad man!!! Who is this god I have stumbled upon!!!! Why do I love this movie so much!!! 

I’m not sure how to write this review, I really can’t think of anything analytical about it, it was just a fun ride!!! So much fun!!!! It oozes with stupid one liners and is just too fucking funny!!! It takes the horrifying zombie movie and turns it into one of the greatest comedies of the century, all at the same time poking fun at consumerism 😂 

This movie is the opposite of subtlety, it says everything and it even turn meta!!! And tell you what’s going on!!! I fucking can’t believe it!!! 😂
It’s just a movie built to have a good time around friends and family and watching these characters be act silly within the situation they are in. 

As you watch this movie, you being to think “omg I bet this is gonna happened” and it fucking does!!!! You have theses absurd thoughts and you laugh at the idea as you tell your friends or to yourself and then it actually happens in the MOVIE!!! the movie is wild and you never know what is happening hahahah.
My only issue or nitpick is the subplot with these kids, it never really goes anywhere, but it doesn’t really hurt the movie at all it’s just a small complaint and I think it should of been cut out, but it’s fine as it is. 
Watch it with friends and be ready to laugh your ass off!!! 

Also there is a character in this movie that absolutely does nothing!!!!! 😂😂 and it’s not Steve Buscemi this time!!! 😂

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