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  • Bewitched



    Ok so I rewatched this because I needed to shut my brains off for the night, and it worked. I had absolutely no recall of this, somehow it was like I was seeing it for the first time.

    Nicole Kidman has my heart, now and forever; but why would she do this movie??? Will Ferrel's character is insufferable, he's actually the worst.
    It was not cute. I didn't care about the romance.

  • Finding Dory

    Finding Dory


    For once, a sequel was good.

    I kinda loved Hank.
    Look, no more talking. Okay? I don't like talking. I don't like chatter and questions. And, "how are you? Oh I'm fine." "How are you? I'm fine too." News flash - Nobody's fine

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  • Thor: Ragnarok

    Thor: Ragnarok


    I'm trying to catch up on all the MCU movies I haven't watched so here I am, finally watching this one.

    It was : fun. Certainly not the greatest (Civil War anyone?) but I had fun watching it.

    + When people are shouting "Thunder! Thunder! Thunder!" in the arena I kinda wanted to hear "CAN YOU FEEL THE THUNDER"
    + the short hairdo wooooorks so much for me. It made me think of Dan Reynolds somehow. (yes I think about…

  • Call Me by Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name


    If you're looking for me, I'll be crying in the corner.

    Because : I remember everything.