Thor: Ragnarok ★★★

I'm trying to catch up on all the MCU movies I haven't watched so here I am, finally watching this one.

It was : fun. Certainly not the greatest (Civil War anyone?) but I had fun watching it.

+ When people are shouting "Thunder! Thunder! Thunder!" in the arena I kinda wanted to hear "CAN YOU FEEL THE THUNDER"
+ the short hairdo wooooorks so much for me. It made me think of Dan Reynolds somehow. (yes I think about him a lot these days)
+ "I'm wearing a disguise! I'm Tony Stark" - Bruce, I like you more than I expected to.
+ Valkyrie omg!!!! YAASS GIRL
+ Cate Blanchett is THE ABSOLUTE QUEEN OF EVERYTHING !!!! I didn't know (or I occulted that fact) that she was in it, and oh lord, she was better than perfect. If that could be possible.

- Some part were not funny. Sorry, you tried too much.
- My eye hurt now.