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  • Girl Asleep

    Girl Asleep


    I can't be the first person to describe this movie as Wes-Anderson-meets-Labyrinth. But I truly mean that as a compliment - Wes Anderson makes great movies, and parts of Labyrinth are a lot of fun. Rosemary Myers has made a glorious trifle, which - in never trying to be anything more - avoids many of the problems which plague similar coming-of-age films.

    There's so much joy in the film's production design, which makes bold and beautiful choices even in the…

  • La La Land

    La La Land


    I spent the first hundred minutes of this movie writing a two-star review in my head, and the last twenty minutes thinking, “That was a good movie!” Perhaps this is La La Land’s charm. Part of the joy of watching Damien Chazelle’s film is building up and then releasing one’s full grinchitude.

    Or maybe the film can both be a reflection of Hollywood’s worst instincts and also a fine picture. Because if this movie wins Best Picture, it will join…

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  • Indignation



    Indignation is a movie about interesting things, but it is not an interesting movie. The story contains elements of a compelling teenage romance, a fable about anti-Semitism and anti-Communism, and a critique of the stigmas surrounding female mental illness, but Schamus’s film moves too quickly to address any of these ideas satisfactorily. Instead, he sketches them in long monologues and leaves them alone.

    The movie’s largest failing is that it asks us to see Sarah Gadon’s Olivia Hutton as more…