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  • Casa de Lava

    Casa de Lava


    " A laborer from the Cape Verde Islands, about 30 years old. No documents, no family, no friends, nothing. At work they say he didn't talk much."

    “My love, being together will make life beautiful for another 30 years. I’m growing stronger and younger. I’d like to give you 10,000 cigarettes, a dozen fashionable dresses, a car, a house built of lava... a bouquet of wildflowers. But above all I want you to drink a bottle of good wine and think of me. Here it is all work. There's more than 100 of us now.”

  • Workers Leaving the Job Site

    Workers Leaving the Job Site


    It happens every day and afterwards you might find a little time to go to the movies.

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  • New Rose Hotel

    New Rose Hotel


    Ferrara’s most remarkable film because of its incompleteness, which due to the nature of the medium (in dissolves, cuts, ellipses), is a totality by omission. That Sandii is Pandora armed not with a box but a computer disc is an afterthought. What is truly disconcerting is the fusion between dream, memory, and video recording that permeates throughout the film. X’s recollections during the latter half of the film in particular constitute a cinematic stream of consciousness that I’ve only encountered…

  • Pompeii



    I saw Pompeii to have a laugh at vulgar auteurists. But, my God, I didn't laugh. I saw a great deal that was strange, even stupid. But I also saw CGI that was delicate, almost too sensitive. A city washed through by the ocean and ravaged by fireballs. Impossible details. The earth fissured into catacombs. I felt as though I touched and heard the panic of doomed lives struggling with their fate. No sound came from their breasts as they embraced alone when the fire engulfed them. My God, I didn't laugh.