Eliecer has written 3 reviews for films rated ★★★★ during 2014.

  • Lady of the Pavements

    Lady of the Pavements


    It's yet another one of the tragedies of the cinema that the soundtrack of this film is lost. Griffith's touch is absent and in total control and Lupe Velez is a goddess.

  • The Salvation Hunters

    The Salvation Hunters


    On his first film, Josef von Sternberg already photographs the sun.

  • The Adventures of Dollie

    The Adventures of Dollie

    Comparing this to The Sealed Room, I began to discern the influence of intertitles on cinema's converging paths of storytelling and documentary. The Adventures of Dollie is a film of movements and actions, a Lumiere "actualite" with three artificial occurrences. Whereas a year later, The Sealed Room is already dominated by a theater POV and the idea of literary adaptation. A fascinating genesis for cinema's "father of storytelling."