Eliecer has written 4 reviews for films rated ★★ during 2016.

  • The Glass Shield

    The Glass Shield


    Michael Boyce Gillespie thinks this is a bad film and I agree with him. That courtroom scene has more cuts than a Fast and The Furious car chase. Worst Burnett film I have seen.

  • Tabu



    A doomed love story told in flashback and whose chronotope is a Portuguese colony and the tensions of the era that would ultimately lead to the revolution of 1974. But these are merely backdrops for a higher concern: that romanticizing neo-colonialism is all right if you are doing one for the altar of b&w expressionism.

  • 88:88



    This would make a great billing with From the Notebook Of… (2000) and Field Niggas (2015) under the title Obfuscation, Rhythm, and Stillness. Or Posturing, Lucidity, and Politicization.

    This is a cinema of affected flashing screens, not of the supremacy of the cut as the director claims. A cut gives meaning and/or rhythm, here it disguises more than it does. With this film I do not have time to think, to form a thought, a memory. This is a crisis…

  • Rome '78

    Rome '78


    Guerrilla filmmaking that plays more like a home movie than a narrative film. I would say there is something to admire in the absence of simulacrum of the past, a certain anti-representation, but the costumes say otherwise. Still, I find the immaturity and amateurism of Rome ’78 far more tolerable than the auteur affected absurdity of Eugene Green’s Le monde vivant.

    Strictly for fans of the no wave scene.