Eliecer has written 3 reviews for films rated ★★★½ during 2016.

  • The Man with the Suitcase

    The Man with the Suitcase


    Chantal in L’homme à la Valise: the body auteur moving through doorways and the infinite space of a room. Here she is alone, but she is not lonely. She wants to be alone again. Who is alone when there is liberty in work?

  • Air Mail

    Air Mail


    Ford's Only Angels Have Wings* is just as fatalistic as Hawks', but instead of the inimitable persona of Cary Grant, we get a magnificent asshole who vindicates himself in the end. Somewhat.

    Only Assholes Have Wings

  • Field Niggas

    Field Niggas


    It is difficult to turn off the usual symbolic burden and the iconicity inherit in the camera’s registry when you have the sensitivity of a portraitist like Khalik Allah does. However, the soundtrack here is truly like a hand outstretched and reaching for a past that disappears in time, a past that is redeemed as it is recorded in its passing. The redemption is in the portraits moving. Nowhere is it more impressionable than when Khalik Allah records reflections on Deli windows. They are punctums of the film for me.

    Field Niggas is an important film against historical and social amnesia.