Eliecer has written 7 reviews for films during 2019.

  • Casa de Lava

    Casa de Lava


    " A laborer from the Cape Verde Islands, about 30 years old. No documents, no family, no friends, nothing. At work they say he didn't talk much."

    “My love, being together will make life beautiful for another 30 years. I’m growing stronger and younger. I’d like to give you 10,000 cigarettes, a dozen fashionable dresses, a car, a house built of lava... a bouquet of wildflowers. But above all I want you to drink a bottle of good wine and think of me. Here it is all work. There's more than 100 of us now.”

  • Workers Leaving the Job Site

    Workers Leaving the Job Site


    It happens every day and afterwards you might find a little time to go to the movies.

  • Chernobyl



    From the writer of such hard-hitting pieces as The Hangover Part II and Scary Movie 3, comes Chernobyl: Hyperrealist Boogaloo.

  • The Docks of New York

    The Docks of New York


    "What did you ever do that makes you worse than me? I'd marry you in a minute!"

  • Afrique 50

    Afrique 50


    Ligue de l'enseignement: Make for us an ethnographic film to broadcast in French schools to show students the benefits of the French educational mission in the West African colonies.

    René Vautier: Fuck your funding. I'm engaging in praxis.

  • Glass




    A not so and yet still-superhero film with the same amplified grandiloquence to boot. But in this instance, the auteur, long established as M. Night Shyamalan, precedes the auteurists in recuperating the film's aesthetics and politics. It should surprise no one that auteurism fits so well with contemporary neoliberal success narratives and Hollywood solipsism, of which this film is one example among many.

  • They Kill Me If I Don't Work and If I Work They Kill Me

    They Kill Me If I Don't Work and If I Work They Kill Me


    Watch it here (with English subtitles by me): youtu.be/H8WcfJg6Hkc