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  • Richard Jewell

    Richard Jewell


    At the tender age of 89, avowed libertarian Clint Eastwood approaches anarcho-libertarianism, which makes this one of the dumbest films of his filmography. This is despite good and sometimes touching performances from all the leading actors involved. Too bad there probably isn’t enough time for Eastwood the artist to abandon the depth of his inculcation in liberal hegemonic ideology. For it is in the stubborn confrontation with the politically correct that recent Eastwood directed films find a liveliness. But it is honestly a case of the pot calling the kettle black, and even navel-gazing, that has already worn thin.

  • The Childhood of a Leader

    The Childhood of a Leader


    Brady Corbet's sentences are Haneke's ultimate grammar, which in Haneke's films is in part a misunderstanding of the emotions stemming from Bresson's models-actors in period films. Or to state it in two sentences: Haneke's repeated regurgitations of the violence at the end of Lancelot du Lac, taking no lessons from the sentimental education of Bresson's semiotic staging where the visual signs correspond to an exposure of a way and a time; or in Bresson's own words: "confusing pessimism with lucidity."…

  • Word and Utopia

    Word and Utopia


    A film that makes you wonder about Oliveira during this time. It feels like a contract, laziness by a director content with the shadow that previous greater works cast on the present. No wonder then that around this time in 2002 in Italy, in a call for polemics by defense, Jean-Marie Straub name dropped Oliveira along with other directors when he condemned film critics for their syncretism and for not demolishing and pitting the films of Straub-Huillet, Rivette, Sokurov, Tarantino…

  • Carol



    Entirely adequate adaptation/translation, if not forgettable. I really can't trust a film where costumes and sets avoid anachronisms so perfectly.

    A Molotov cocktail for the film industry that didn't allow Chantal Akerman to film her version.