Eliecer has written 2 reviews for films rated ★★★½ during 2014.

  • Pompeii



    I saw Pompeii to have a laugh at vulgar auteurists. But, my God, I didn't laugh. I saw a great deal that was strange, even stupid. But I also saw CGI that was delicate, almost too sensitive. A city washed through by the ocean and ravaged by fireballs. Impossible details. The earth fissured into catacombs. I felt as though I touched and heard the panic of doomed lives struggling with their fate. No sound came from their breasts as they embraced alone when the fire engulfed them. My God, I didn't laugh.

  • We, the Women

    We, the Women


    While other directors of this anthology had their actresses exercising their range or bemoaning their stardom, Rossellini made Bergman chase after a chicken.