Eliecer has written 3 reviews for films rated ★★★★ during 2015.

  • Golden Eighties

    Golden Eighties


    A sort of sequel to Toute une nuit. On that film everyone was rushing to make their own love happen. Here everyone is caught in absurd and cynical love triangles. But Golden Eighties aka Window Shopping is a musical after all and the songs make everything bittersweet and silly. Toute une nuit’s austerity is contradicted, and unlike that film almost every shot here begins with an action that was already in progress. Both films are very rigorous in the kinetic…

  • I Am a Son of America

    I Am a Son of America


    The fragility of history. Every ideal aimed for here would eventually become a victim of force.

    In 1970, General René Schneider was murdered in a CIA backed plot and with him died the Chilean army’s position of neutrality. His demise paved the way for Pinochet's military coup. In 1973, Salvador Allende, a democratically elected Marxist president, died under mysterious circumstances after troops had surrounded the presidential palace. Myth says Allende died wrapped in a Chilean flag.

    Santiago Álvarez admired Vertov,…

  • The Eighties

    The Eighties


    This docu/musical by Chantal Akerman had me as soon as I saw...

    Yvon Vromman of The Honeymoon Killers:

    Like seeing the image of a ghost that only your ears remembered.