Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★★★★

"Today's your big debut."

i wouldn't trade the feeling of discovering something like this for anything. the realization i'm watching something as formative as Buffalo '66 is feels very specific yet euphoric. my leg starts bouncing, every wire in my body feels primed, nothing on earth can divert my attention.

Buffalo '66 balances so many things at once, it's hard which part you feel like you need to be paying attention to. the frequent genuine hilarity often comes into contact with a crushing sense of deep isolation and alienation, but doesn't ask the audience to view these two things as coming into conflict, but rather letting us see how they intertwine in ways that are almost always invisible to us in real life. what's most shocking to me is how the entire film itself feels haunted. the cinematography combined with the choice to shoot on reversal stock gives off the aura, more than anything, that we're getting an all too real look into this guys head; his memories at one point are literally fragmented before him as he desperately tries to make sense of which path to take. and quite possibly no film such as this has authentically captured the spirit of how scary, lonely, futile, but rewarding the experience is of trying to make sense of your broken, shitty life.

p.s. i watched this at 2am and finished at 4 before falling asleep immediately after watching it, and i realized the colors in my dreams are as rich as the ones in this.

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