Torso ★★★★½

"Death is the best keeper of secrets."

giallo to me is a lot like macaroni and cheese: something to be consumed after a long day, comforting in ways that escape rational thought, and something i will never stop having a soft spot for. halfway through Torso, a deliriously twisted and indelibly crafted italian horror masterpiece, i realized what it was about giallo that makes it so homely; the grain, the pulpiness, the black gloves and cheese, a genre that could easily just be a sea of endless boring lifetime channel-esque thrillers are instead populated by genuinely skin crawling gems that manage to dig into the base of our psyches and twist them like a taffy machine. Torso reminds me of that feeling i love so much when watching a horror movie: feeling totally out of control and at the mercy of the filmmaker. the first two-thirds of this are great of course, but the third act pushes it into territory where i scratch my head and seriously wonder why horror history hasnt placed this on the ridiculously high pedestal it deserves.

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