You Were Never Really Here

You Were Never Really Here ★★★★

you look like a good joe.

ive never seen a film by lynne ramsay before. ive wanted to watch Kevin for a long time now, but i never found the right time to be in the mood to watch it. but with YWNRH, her entire filmography has become a priority. id be hard pressed to find a film in the past few years thats balanced this much empathy for its characters while carrying out so much dispassion in its violence. its not flashy, backed up by a bombastic score or bwam sound effects. its short, messy, often unseen, and just fucking sad. the film is a powerhouse in denying that cathartic release of over the top deaths of truly despicable people. lynne ramsay smacks us upside the head and demands our attention to how the violence affects those lives that are already shattered. i just wanna hug joaquin phoenix now. and jonny greenwood for that incredible score. and all of that cinematography.

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