• Citizen Kane

    Citizen Kane


    "i thought i did pretty well under the circumstances."

    the great american film. a story that is not only masterful in the way that its told but in who and what is telling it. i could live a thousand lives and probably not catch every detail or analyze every scene the way i want to. impossible not to feel small in comparison to everything that this film achieves, it makes me feel like im looking up at this film as much as im watching it.

  • The Countryman and the Cinematograph

    The Countryman and the Cinematograph

    okay this one is breaking my brain and i dont even know why. it doesnt even last 30 seconds but theres some neat layers to this. pretty much the first joke about audiences freaking out during Arrival of a Train, shown in a film within film format with a man seeing moving pictures for the first time. like watching a caveman discover fire.

  • Histoire(s) du cinéma

    Histoire(s) du cinéma


    “a 35mm rectangle saves the honor of reality.” 

    godards most important work. the towering achievement in not only documenting film history but films involvement, both directly and indirectly, as both a tool for revolution and participation in institutional oppression. it’s a 4 hour long love letter to cinemas power to interact with reality, but also a fear of said power in how it shaped so much of the 20th century. this film does not hold your hand and expects the…

  • Elevator to the Gallows

    Elevator to the Gallows


    a french new wave film with miles davis as the composer just kind of seals the deal for me, doesn't it?

  • Elvis



    im a starving child starving to death and this is the last movie i have ever seen. goodbye

  • Close-Up



    “because you’re my audience.”
    ”who is?”
    you are.”

    i’ve long been intimated by this one. a film i’ve wanted to see for years but never got around to, in my mind thinking “what if i don’t get it?” or “what if it doesn’t match my expectations of it?”. but as i get closer to where i’ll be making movies of my own soon, i figured it was time to sit and finally watch this. 

    Close-Up feels like the final realization…

  • A Fool and His Money

    A Fool and His Money


    the first narrative film starring an all black cast directed by the first female director. works as both an indispensable, fascinating piece of cinematic history and a critique of capitalist pitfalls.

  • Prey



    i dont have much attachment to the original film, so its nice to see a predator movie where i feel like the mythos benefits from being set in this time period with these characters. a lot of emphasis is placed on creative ways of both escaping and fighting the predator in ways i never expected but enjoyed immensely. bonus points for how she wields her axe tied to a rope that reminded me of the blades of chaos from the god of war games. this would have ruled in imax but alas, streaming culture.

  • Bullet Train

    Bullet Train


    aaron taylor johnson in his tuxedo and cockney accent says jump and i say how high

  • The Heart of the World

    The Heart of the World


    the journey i went on while watching this from anxiety induced heavy breathing to a calm, almost serene state in the span of 6 minutes is worthy of its own write up, but i was simply mesmerized by seeing, if not the history of cinema portrayed here, a tribute to the emotional and technical manipulations that cinema has built its foundations on. what a nice find!

  • Damnation



    "when you see a film, you see the director, naked."

    - bela tarr

    one of the most visually, emotionally, and technically transcendant cinematic experiences of my life. a masterpiece of meditative cinema where the slowness of the camera that you've come to expect from tarr manages to tell several stories within the span of one shot; a breathtaking example being a shot of a street, the rain coming down at a torrential pace, much to the discomfort of a group…

  • Fear




    1. make william petersen the main character

    2. you did it!!!!!