• Requiem


    Really super boring.

  • Stand by Me

    Stand by Me


    I know that Stand by Me is considered to be an 80s classic, while I do find that its a really good movie, for me it never was a favorite out of all those 80s coming-of-age films. In all the Stephen King adaptations it sits easily in my top 20, but mostly on the bottom of that list.
    This was probably my third time seeing Stand by Me, I know that I saw it back in the 90s and at…

  • The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer

    The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer


    I used to have The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer on VHS and never watched it. I then upgraded to a DVD copy a few years ago, and also never watched it. I've now finally decided to watch it after just seeing Rose Red. In case you didn't know, The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer is the prequel to Rose Red.
    While this is a prequel, it doesn't really expand much into what we've already seen as flashbacks in Rose Red. I'm…

  • Rose Red

    Rose Red


    Before I started watching Rose Red I was sure that I hadn't seen it before, but after 15-20 minutes I realized that I had seen it, most probably in the early 2010s when I added the DVD set to my collection.
    While Rose Red isn't a bad miniseries, it still suffers from the same thing as every other Stephen King TV adaptations: it's way too long. At just over 4 hours, it feels way longer than that when you're watching…

  • Mercy



    About 8 years ago when I was working at HMV we received Mercy in our new releases and I didn't think much of it, other than "oh look, it's that kid from The Walking Dead". But a few weeks later I noticed in the very small printed credits on the back of the DVD case that it was based on a Stephen King short story, which surprised me because I had never heard of this adaptation being made, and I…

  • The Langoliers

    The Langoliers


    I've had The Langoliers on DVD for about a decade now and had never watched it before. I had heard it was pretty bad and the 3 hour runtime didn't help me wanting to watch it, but its a Stephen King adaption so I needed it for my collection, and doing a SK marathon meant that I was going to watch it at some point.
    Maybe its because I was expecting The Langoliers to be very bad that I kinda…

  • Movie 43

    Movie 43


    After watching 7 Days in Hell my friends and I were still drunk enough to want to watch something else really stupid. My friend Dan suggested Movie 43, which I knew of only because I always see tons of DVD copies at used record/movie stores. As with our previous viewing, the length of Movie 43 was perfect for our drunkenness,also the fact that its an anthology with a bunch of short stories makes it easy to watch without losing interest…

  • 7 Days in Hell

    7 Days in Hell


    Not sure why I had never heard of 7 Days in Hell before. I've enjoyed Andy Samberg ever since I first saw him in Hot Rod over 15 years ago and I'll mostly watch anything that he appears in.
    I was hanging out with some friends, drinking beers and we decided that we wanted to watch something really stupid and they made the perfect choice to show me 7 Days in Hell. The 43 minute length was perfect for our…

  • Storm of the Century

    Storm of the Century


    This might be the first time that I watch Storm of the Century the whole way through. I'm pretty sure that I saw parts of it when it originally aired because my mom has always been a huge Stephen King fan and she probably taped this for me, since she was showing me all his movies back in the 90s. I remember her saying that this was pretty boring, and I think I tried to watch it and got bored…

  • Big Driver

    Big Driver


    Another second time watch for me. I had seen Big Driver not long after it was released on DVD in 2015. I didn't even know anything about this back then, the HMV were I used to work at randomly received this one day so I just had to buy it.
    My initial reaction was: this is good but it's following in the recent trend of women revenge horror films. I also thought it was weird that Big Driver was a…

  • Bag of Bones

    Bag of Bones


    This was my second time watching Bag of Bones, I had originally seen it when it was released on DVD in 2012. I didn't really remember much of it when I watched it this time but I did remember thinking it was just okay back then, and that's pretty much what I thought of it this time.
    The problem with Bag of Bones isn't the story or the acting or even the quality of the production, all of that is…

  • Hearts in Atlantis

    Hearts in Atlantis


    This was my second viewing of Hearts in Atlantis. I first saw it about a decade ago after having ignored it for about another decade since it's release. The first time that I saw it I thought it was pretty good but nothing to write home about, but on this viewing I was way more enthralled in the story and the two main actor's performances.
    I already knew Anthony Hopkins was great, but when I first saw Hearts in Atlantis…