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  • Hooker with a Hacksaw

    Hooker with a Hacksaw


    Down-on-her-luck Kirsten ("Kasper Meltedhair") is an aficionado of 70s and 80s retro junk collectibles and a manic depressive loner / pill head so desperate for money she's reduced to phone sex and prostitution. Because she's apparently the unluckiest girl on "The Planet of Whacked-Out Bitches," her clients always turn out to be sadistic, perverted psychos. The first makes her take off her pants, sit on his dead mother's skeleton head and gyrate. The second - Raymond (Jason Crowe) - makes…

  • The Visitor

    The Visitor


    I still like the framing scenes due to the high weirdness factor, and that one scene where John Huston's on the rooftop alien runway with the dancing lights is pretty cool, too. However, the entire midsection is a slog highlighted only by the occasional unintentional laugh, like the ice skating rink scene, the little girl showing off her four-letter vocabulary trash talking Glenn Ford scene and Shelley Winters hauling off and slapping the little girl scene.

    The plot is insanely…

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  • Until Death

    Until Death


    The copy I got was titled Changeling 2: The Revenge. It wasn't until Iater that I found out this "sequel" has absolutely nothing to do with the first and is instead a misleadingly re-titled entry ("Per sempre") of the Italian cable TV series Brivido Giallo.

    A pregnant woman (beautiful Gioia Scola) and her lover (David Brandon) murder her hubby, bury him in a shallow grave and take over his restaurant. Six years later, her young son has nightmares about the…

  • XX



    Yes, I know females making horror films wasn't so common 10 years ago. And yes, I know anthology horror films directed entirely by women are even less common. However, that novelty alone doesn't mean this should be graded on some kind of curve. XX is simply not very good. Had this been made by men, I guarantee it wouldn't have received much attention at all... let alone undeserved critical praise heaped upon it!

    Of the four tales, the strongest of…