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  • Burn the Stage: The Movie

    Burn the Stage: The Movie

    Don't ask how I wound up seeing this, but it was pretty goddamn boring. I have more than a passing interest in K-pop, but BTS don't come off as particularly compelling in this concert doc. Kinda wish it had been more concert than doc, tbh, and that it was a little less maudlin. Shout out to the orchestral score that just sounds like Chilly Gonzales turned up super loud.

  • Hereditary


    I'm pretty torn about this movie, tbh. The performances are great and the filmmaking is impressive, but I wasn't as affected as I expected. It's my fault for waiting for them to send me the movie to my doorstep to actually watch it, obviously, but now I wish I had seen it before having spent several months of people telling me I should see it.

    The end is breathless and nutty but I need to unpack the implications of it.…

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  • The Witch

    The Witch

    Don't Put That Evil On Me, Ricky Bobby: The Movie

  • Get Out

    Get Out

    The greatest case against dating white women ever committed to celluloid. Also, THEEEEE most satisfying horror film I've seen in ages. See this.