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  • Miami Vice
  • Sweet Smell of Success
  • The Matrix
  • Punch-Drunk Love

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  • Doctor Who: The Giggle

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  • Nick Mullen: Year of the Dragon

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  • A New Diva's Christmas Carol

    A New Diva's Christmas Carol

    Halloween has passed, and Mariah Carey has unthawed, so the holiday season is again upon us. One of the greatest Charles Dickens adaptations, “A Diva’s Christmas Carol,” the 2000 film starring Vanessa L. Williams, is still unavailable to stream anywhere on the (legal) internet. So, this reviewer was surprised to discover its spiritual successor, “A New Diva’s Christmas Carol.” While this 2022 film does not necessarily stick to the source material, it does have a lot of heart and charm.…

  • Maestro


    For a movie that purports to be a portrait of emotional complexity and the boundless plurality within an artist’s psyche, it’s really just a laundry list of reasons not to date a male* Libra**.

    Engrossing despite its considerable flaws. Gorgeous work from Libatique. A great performance from Cooper underneath…all that. But this is largely just an overlong delivery system for the Snoopy gag, my personal favorite bit of visual comedy all year.

    More to come on the channel in the near future.

    *Lenny was a Virgo Sun/Aries Moon, but you feel me.
    ** Yes, I am also a male Libra.

Popular reviews

  • The Whale

    The Whale

    "There’s a moment where Charlie opens a drawer full of granola bars, thinks about eating one, then, sullenly, shuts that drawer and opens the one beneath it, packed to the brim with candy bars. He eats several of them in one go. Every scene in the film showcasing Charlie’s binge eating has the relative sneering sleaze of your average “My 600-lb Life” episode. Still, in interviews, Aronofsky and his collaborators repeat the same mantras about the film’s dedication to empathy.…

  • The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley

    The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley

    Oh, hey! It's my favorite genre! White people grifting the world on an idea and a smiiiiiiiile. Lady Theranos is like, horrifying and otherworldly and my main beef with this documentary is that it ends right when the shit hits the fan, robbing us of the extra three hours I would have happily spent watching her unblinking refutation of every lie she'd ever told in deposition tapes. 

    When I watch a fall from grace I want to see a motherfucker hit the damn pavement. Don't cut to the director credit the minute they trip off the dais.