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  • The Westerner

    The Westerner


    The Westerner is a wonderfully simple and good-natured western, which is a odd for a film that opens with an innocent being hanged. The film hinges on the relationship between Gary Cooper's drifter and Walter Brennan's corrupt 'judge', two men with opposing views on how to improve the small-town they inhabit, but who form a bond despite their views. I'm not a Gary Cooper fan, however the man knew how to work effectively with his limited range and this was…

  • Ben-Hur



    The 1950s Project - Film #43

    I'm giving Ben-Hur 3 stars purely out of respect for the production - what Wyler and company were able to achieve in 1959 is amazing. The sets and set-dressings are huge, the backdrops beautiful and the cinematography supports it all wonderfully. These kind of period epics are not my cup of tea in the slightest - my affection literally starts and ends with Gladiator. There is simply no need for this to be tediuously…

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  • The Social Network

    The Social Network


    Mark Zuckerberg: I'm not a bad guy.
    Marylin Delpy: I know that. When there's emotional testimony, I assume that 85% of it is exaggeration.
    Mark Zuckerberg: And the other fifteen?
    Marylin Delpy: Perjury. Creation myths need a Devil.

    To me this film is perfection, but those that dislike seem to have an issue about its accuracy. This quote is almost the perfect response, as if Sorkin expected a tiny backlash and decided to give them the finger. He is a story-teller, why can't he exaggerate the truth in order for a better story?

  • Veronica Mars

    Veronica Mars



    I'm a huge Veronica Mars fan and I've been patiently waiting for the day it'd return in any form. The fact it is a film and not a book or a comic is perfect and I'm stoked this played a one-off session in my city. As one can imagine it was a huge night for fans and the cinema was sold out full of people rocking Veronica Mars shirts and shouting famous lines before the film…