Bound to Vengeance

Bound to Vengeance ★★★½

It wasn't personal.

Some nasty torture horror Bound to Vengeance is not. Yes, it is violent and grim, but it is restrained and focused like few other revenge films are. As Eve attempts to hurt the core of those that have done bad (unexplained, unseen) things to her, the story stops becoming about the violence of the situation, and becomes about the personal loss she taken - physically, mentally and emotionally - at the hands of her captors.

It wins points for telling instead of showing, it doesn't hold on violence and it doesn't bath in it - this isn't about revenge, it is about the character we are on this journey with. It doesn't fully accomplish its goal though, as the director doesn't full sell the character study moments and doesn't give his lead character enough space to fully explore the situation. But it does benefit from being short and sharp (covering its thin plot), it doesn't linger too long, with it ending at the perfect moment.

It is hard to call this a great film, but it was a refreshing surprise, and whilst I doubt I'll ponder it for long, it certainly made me stop for a moment.

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