The Happening

The Happening ★★★½

Is The Happening self-aware or self-serious?

I've seen this a few times now and I'm leaning more towards self-aware every time I see it. If the death scenes weren't so overblown and silly, and if it wasn't for the fact the actors are having a field day being as cheesy as humanly possible, then I'd call it self-serious, but that fact remains this is an idiotic film that is seemingly enjoying being as stupid as possible. Final beat aside, there is nothing here to suggest that M. Night is making some grand statement about the environment, if anything he seems to be mimicking most of the world's view on climate change and turned it into a ridiculous b-grade horror. "LOL climate change is so bad the natural environment is going kill us. Get a grip M. Night". That's kind of brilliant if it was his intent.

I'm probably wrong though. I usually am. But I'll continue to dig this anyway.

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