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  • Dracula



    So glad to have finally watched this and though it couldn’t help but disappoint slightly I can at last tick this one off my watchlist.

    It’s no secret this isn’t a great film big as it was a product of the shift to sound and talkies not quite hit the right gear. The lack of score in particular is extremely hard to get round, my brain just being tuned to certain cues. It’s also very stagey and utterly lacking in…

  • Green Room

    Green Room


    A film as punk as the characters it portrays, this film punches you in the face without any subtlety in brutal, realistic fashion. This is not a film worried about manufactured plot twists (there is one nod to this in that when one twist looks like its going this was, it ends extremely abruptly and in stunningly violent fashion)

    As with Blue Ruin, Jeremy Saulnier proves he has a lovely eye for a shot but also a genuine ability to…

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  • The Serpent and the Rainbow

    The Serpent and the Rainbow


    Superb voodoo zombie film. Pullman is great as the scientist who will not quit, with fantastic supporting work from Zakes Mokae as the bad guy Dargent and Brent Jennings as Louis Mozart, the maker of the zombie powder. Some very creepy nightmare sequences, plenty of bits to make your skin crawl and one bit to make any bloke cross his legs made this a thoroughly enjoyable watch from start to finish. Ending goes a bit Nightmare on Elm Street in a cheesy 80s way but whats not to love about that. Highly recommended for any horror fan and especially zombie fans.

  • Aliens



    Still pretty much the greatest action film ever made. To see it on an Imax screen just made it even better and when the worst thing I can say is some of the matte work from 30 years ago looked a teeny bit ropey on a 25m screen, it shows how well this film has aged. Just an absolute masterpiece. The best action, the greatest creature design, no CGI, the most quotable, epic characters (Vasquez and Hudson we salute you), I don't think this film will ever be bettered in terms of hardcore violent sci-fi action. My no.2 favourite film of all time.