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  • To Rome with Love

    To Rome with Love


    A madcap  anthology romp, definitely one of the silliest Allen films in some time and extremely enjoyable because of it. Great to see Allen really push his comic chops, proving he still has what it takes to create a crazy setup but with heart too. It lives in a definitely self-consciously filmic version of Rome. Nothing here is realistic, neither is it meant to be. In fact it strays at some points into total farce. It’s full of colourful characters…

  • Sinister



    Decent horror thriller that starts really strong but gets weaker as it goes on, mostly by a shift into an unsatisfying supernatural plot. The found footage reels Ethan Hawke finds in the attic are the best bit and there’s at least one sequence involving a lawnmower that will definitely stay with me for a long time. It all rolls to a suitably grim finale but the problem is it sets up its rules and then calmly follows those rules to…

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  • The Serpent and the Rainbow

    The Serpent and the Rainbow


    Superb voodoo zombie film. Pullman is great as the scientist who will not quit, with fantastic supporting work from Zakes Mokae as the bad guy Dargent and Brent Jennings as Louis Mozart, the maker of the zombie powder. Some very creepy nightmare sequences, plenty of bits to make your skin crawl and one bit to make any bloke cross his legs made this a thoroughly enjoyable watch from start to finish. Ending goes a bit Nightmare on Elm Street in a cheesy 80s way but whats not to love about that. Highly recommended for any horror fan and especially zombie fans.

  • Aliens



    Still pretty much the greatest action film ever made. To see it on an Imax screen just made it even better and when the worst thing I can say is some of the matte work from 30 years ago looked a teeny bit ropey on a 25m screen, it shows how well this film has aged. Just an absolute masterpiece. The best action, the greatest creature design, no CGI, the most quotable, epic characters (Vasquez and Hudson we salute you), I don't think this film will ever be bettered in terms of hardcore violent sci-fi action. My no.2 favourite film of all time.