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  • Story of a Prostitute

    Story of a Prostitute


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I must admit, Seijun Suzuki's over-stylized and comic booky flicks have not been my cup of tea. They aren't bad, just nothing I was over the moon for. And his knack for making “incomprehensible films” actually got him fired from Nikkatsu Studios. So, to say this movie blindsided me would be an understatement - Prostitute is more spiritual and cerebral, and less incomprehensible than anything I'd seen from the director. It's still visually stylized and audacious, but you now find…

  • Logan



    I love comics and superhero movies; I love the over-the-top action and drama; the color and the jaw dropping spectacle. Logan however eschews the colorful costumes and grounds its story in pain and loss. It succeeds because I believed in its humanity… as well as its inhumanity, which was palpably real. And unlike The Wolverine it didn’t sacrifice the 'real' it built up for a silly, ill fitting ending.

    Logan's a brutal picture (as it should be, these two have…

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  • Woe to the Young

    Woe to the Young


    Manos Hatzidakis' "Pes mou mia lexi" (Tell Me a Word) is one of cinemas great romantic songs, you can see the clip here... youtu.be/am9rOJIGa7o

    The 'dirty old men, slobbering over young lady' stuff at the start was off-putting, but once this Faustian tale gets going it winds up a funny, sweet movie (which admonishes such creepy talk at the end). That doesn't mean it completely sheds its cynicism about what the rich will do for beauty and what the poor will sacrifice for money. It does, however, find its way to a sunny, fairytale-like solution.

  • Halloween Safety (Second Edition)

    Halloween Safety (Second Edition)

    A catch-all diary entry for "The Mads: A Night of Shorts" on-line show tonight. Funny stuff as usual, though I really missed the audience (hearing them lose their shit during "the Cautious Twins" for example, is half the fun). They were joined in a post-show interview by Svengoolie's Rich Koz and Jim Roche, which was cool.

    A list of the shorts that were shown (I had to add a couple to the database, the one with Dick York didn't come…

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  • One-Eyed Jacks

    One-Eyed Jacks


    One-Eyed Jacks isn’t a universally hailed western like say a Stagecoach or High Noon. But it has its devoted fans, and I number myself among them. The film has been in a sorry state for decades, so I was elated when I found out that Criterion was releasing a restored version of Brando’s lone directorial effort. And when I hit play I was blown away. They did a beautiful job. Though I’ve seen the picture at least a half dozen…

  • Lilith



    Oh if only Warren Beatty had been a stronger actor, and was able to bring some nuance to the part of Vincent - the war vet who takes a job at a sanitarium and gets too involved with a female patient. If he was able to convey the idea of a man going from point A to point B during the course of the film – and gradually falling to ruin after betraying his core principals - this movie might…