Phantom of the Paradise ★★★★½

It took me a while to make my way to this cult flick because I got it mixed up with the Kiss movie, The Phantom of the Park. I couldn't understand the high grades - that Kiss flick wasn't all that hot. Then I found out Paradise was actually a De Palma film.

Wrestling with insomnia (my long time foe) I gave up on sleep, drove to the library and picked up my holds. Popped this on first and, oh what a joy! What biting satire! What an irresistible mash-up of the classics. There's Faust and Dorian Grey, a dash of Poe, a pinch of Shelley, all wrapped around Gaston Leroux's timeless tale of love, music and madness.

Paradise is wild, unsettling, (more than) a little camp, but without doing that winking at the camera thing I dislike so much. I adored the costumes and set designs (Sissy Spacek was credited as set dresser?) I wasn't sure about Paul Williams at first as I'm not a fan -though, if you want a soundtrack for the 70s, his work certainly fits the bill. But after a while I was into it... yeah, the music works.

In short, Paradise fit my weird rock and roll brain to a T. Loved it to death.

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