The Chase

The Chase ★★★★

The Chase starts off like traditional Noir, before it takes a left turn into Bizarro world. Robert Cummings stars as a down-on-his-luck WWII vet who gets tangled up with a couple of creeps and the head creep’s gloomy wife. Robert does good work here, as does Jean Gabin’s sometime acting partner, Michèle Morgan. But it’s Steve Cochran and Peter Lorre who are the standouts… what a sadistic pair of scene stealers they prove to be.

Like The Phantom Lady (a film I watched earlier this year) it’s based on a novel by Cornell Woolrich, and his writing certainly delivers the sensation of being locked into a feverish nightmare. Arthur Ripley directs. I know him as the talent who scripted Harry Langdon’s best features and shorts -and while this is no comedy -if you think of it- strip away the laughs and silent comedy often plays in some dark, subjective realities.

The Chase is sinister, expressionist, and awash in paranoia and post traumatic stress disorder. There’s also a dash of romance to balance out the grim characteristics. Good flick, I really enjoyed it.

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