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My Favorites From the 80s

Top 10s for each year - Updated 3/6/2021

The 80s introduced me to Almodovar, the Coen Brothers, Stephen Soderbergh, Tim Burton, and Studio Ghibli.

Who was red hot? German filmmakers offered up several gems, as did John Hughes, Rob Reiner, Cronenberg, Weir, Spielberg, Stone, and John Carpenter.

Sadly, the decade saw the passing of Tarkovsky and Fassbinder

And while I'm setting the focus of this list exclusively on movies that were intended to run in theaters, there were some colossal TV miniseries that aired. I'm adding favorites at the bottom of this list

1980s Watchlist

A few favorites that best represent the decade for me...

Best Picture: Robo-Cop was my obsession | and TV miniseries offered up many a fave.…

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