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  • The Giants

    The Giants


    Rating - 7

    The Giants is a coming of age film that leads with natural, character-driven humour and does so very well. And as you'd expect, with enough drama to make it well-rounded.

    It gave me the usual headache - is it a 7 or has it reached up slightly higher, and grabbed onto the edge of an 8.

    Ultimately, it didn't quite get there. In part, this might be down to a mildly underwhelming ending coupled with its short…

  • In Bloom

    In Bloom


    Rating - 8

    This film deserves a better review than the following bullet points:
    - Top-tier acting, especially protagonist & 2nd lead
    - Instantly forgot about the artifice of watching a film
    - Excellent cinematography - tones & slightly gritty colouring captures the film & its world perfectly

    Only slight gripe was the ending - it felt a bit flat

    A high recommend for this treat from Georgia

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  • Three Colors: Blue

    Three Colors: Blue


    Rating - 10

    While I did my best to reflect on this, daddy's who own a ill/spirited toddler don't have this luxury.

    Quick buller points of why O love this film (I'm in a foul mood):

    1 - Juliet Binoche = god-tier
    2 - Superb acting across the board
    3 - Juliet Binoche
    4 - I'm a sucker for classical music and the thematic link between the narrative and an orchestral piece
    5 - Some films deal with the themes…

  • Solaris



    Rating - it orbits around the number 10

    Sorry if you're one of those people (THOSE PEOPLE!) who finds Solaris to be overly long, dull, and so on. I didn't. It could have gone on for another hour or two, and I'm sure it would still smash it out of the galactic park.

    Enough space-talk for now - onto the take:

    Solaris is f*cking brilliant.

    As I've stated previously, I'm not a reviewer, and as such, my POVs won't be…