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  • Tenet


    I will start the review by saying that I really did not enjoy the movie, I expected it to be so much better than it actually was and I was left quite disappointed.

    There are multiple reasons for this and I barely know where to start from...

    The first half of Tenet is a cluster of spy movie cliches: fast dialogues, moving from place to place with barely an explanation, action sequences that are way too mechanical and feel like…

  • Marriage Story

    Marriage Story

    In the beginning, an important detail about the whole plot is revealed: both Nicole and Charlie define each other, in their letter, as very competitive and unwilling to lose. This would later define the nature of their breakup, much more "bloody" and "violent" than anticipated, making it sort of a game of one upmanship in which their tendencies are exploited by their lawyers.

    Things go south really quickly when pride and lack of communication get in the way, and this…

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  • The Irishman

    The Irishman

    This movie feels like Scorsese's goodbye to the genre that catapulted him into the olympus of all-time best directors, and oh what a perfect goodbye it is.

    The triumvirate of De Niro, Pacino (finally in a Scorsese movie) and Pesci makes for a masterful ensemble, as the movie is centered around the relationship between Frank (De Niro) and the two most important men in his life, union leader Jimmy Hoffa (Pacino) and Russell Bufalino (Pesci).

    One particular aspect that I…

  • Hereditary


    I'm generally not a big fan of horror movies, or rather not a big fan of low effort movies that only worry about shock-factor, and very often horror movies fall in this category, however that is definitely not the case with Hereditary.

    The movie does a masterful job in making you feel circled, cornered and helpless by letting you watch the whole story unfold through the eyes of the family and, by the time it ends, all those feelings are…