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  • Something Horizontal

    Something Horizontal


    This isn't a review but I have some questions for the filmmaker since he follows me here on Letterboxd.

    Blake, what kind of 3D effect do you expect viewers to experience during the fast-cut portions of your film? I ask because I did not perceive any particular effect other than eyestrain, but I'm unsure if that is due to some problems I suspect I have perceiving cinematic 3D or if you were explicitly trying to disrupt the typical three-dimensional effect.…

  • High Strung

    High Strung


    The following is my entry in this year's White Elephant Blogathon.

    Have you ever had the misfortune of sitting down in front of the tube after a hard day's work only to discover that your uninformed choice for a comfortable evening's entertainment - possibly something recommended to you by an acquaintance who is not as much of a friend as you thought they were - is little more than a gussied-up stand-up comedy routine? Sure, the jokers who threw this…

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  • Armored



    When I described this film to my wife, she responded 'Sounds like a bunch of actors who should know better'. Uh-huh.

  • Nebraska



    I'd like to see the film that this resembles and does become, at times, with its stumbling attempts to come to terms with a lifetime of pain and disappointment in the wintry grey vistas of rural America. I might have even liked to see something like the film Payne did make, a lightly satirical comedy of family dysfunction and greed, as long as it weren't so dour, obvious and stiffly delivered. (Dern & Keach are the exceptions, marvelously natural within the…