A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III ★★½

Roman Coppola's strengths lie in visual playfulness, so it's a shame that the glimpses promised by the title are only that, imaginatively rendered but too-brief and too-few peeks into an inner fantasy life characterised by unrestrained ego. Rather, much of the film is given over to a fairly one-note wallow in post-break-up malaise, and while I'm not averse to an examination of masculinity in crisis (the 70's setting is surely no accident), too much of the film plays like a sob story for the self-absorbed set. Sheen dials it down for the lead role, but he's calcified, retro-hip clothes and wig without a soul. The baggage he can't help but bring to the film threatens to turn it into some kind of apology or excuse for his behaviour of recent years, which ultimately poisons the celebratory vibe of the finale. Plenty of lovely production design to look at, though.