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  • Skiptrace



    My daughter, who's with her seven years a big Jackie-Chan-fan, enjoyed the movie. But I saw that she lost the attention at times during our watch.
    To me it's one of Jackie's weaker outputs.
    It feels too long, it's like they tried to make another RUSH HOUR with a different, more "open world"-setting. And the chemistry between Jackie Chan and Johnnie Knoxville doesn't almost exist.
    The short cameos by Eric Tsang and Richard Ng are nice to us die-hard-movie-geeks, but they doesn't enrich or even save the movie.
    The same with Michael Wong's small role as the police chief.

    A very "meh"-movie at least.

  • The Shadow Men

    The Shadow Men


    I can remember when THE SHADOW MEN was released direct to video/rental in the huge shadow of the almighty MEN IN BLACK, the hottest shit in cinemas of that time.
    And it was a time when Eric Roberts was constantly present in LOTS of direct-to-video-outputs.

    THE SHADOW MEN isn't that bad at all.
    In my opinion it's a pretty solid "alien conspiracy"-sci-fi/B-movie. Eric Roberts did a good job and Dean Stockwell is in it. Its only flaw is that it feels a bit slow at times.

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  • Sinbad of the Seven Seas

    Sinbad of the Seven Seas


    Started as a tv-series with Enzo G. Castellari in the director's chair, the production got out of control. 
    So production company Cannon Films put their high hopes in their one and only wild card: Luigi Cozzi!

    Due to the popularity of "Mr. Universe" Arnold Schwarzenegger and the movie "CONAN", Cannon Films started to produce their own Fantasy-flicks (with Schwarzenegger's "Mr. Universe"-successor Lou Ferrigno) "The seven magnificent gladiators" and "Hercules", written and directed by Bruno Mattei.
    While Mattei was already shooting…

  • Last Action Hero

    Last Action Hero


    It took me more than 20 years to forgive Arnie his appearance in this "spoof"-flick! Two years after TERMINATOR 2, at the zenith of his career as an action movie star, he decided to make jokes of himself?? Why??
    LAST ACTION HERO is one of those movies which get better through the years. Twenty years later the movie is NOT a parody, it's a winking love letter to the action movie genre packed with tons of references and cameos!! I had a lot of fun watching it the very first time!!