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Resentment is the most bitter drug. It hangs over you like a dark cloud over the Dartmoor plateau, like a twisted branch reaching out from the corpse of the tree, stripped of color. It is the razor poised for the cut - one slight movement and reason is severed.

Resentment is the raging sea during a deadly storm. Its waves carry the seawater with unrelenting ferocity - the mind whirls, caught in a helpless loop. The waves crash against the…




I never thought such a wonderfully rude romance story could have me in tears because of it's underlying sweetness!

The dialogue was incredible! I guess that's down to George Bernard Shaw who wrote the play. It escapes all the clichés to reach it's clichés and feels so much more rewarding then your average screwball farce because they actually do get under each others skin!

And this is another time when Leslie Howard takes my breath away. From being a actor…




This had me at 'CZECH' and 'PUPPET'... the stuff dreams are made of. One of the most strange, dark and incredibly unique children's films I've seen in a long time. Yay for Czech Republic, the capital of puppets.