The 39 Steps

The 39 Steps ★★★★

That is EXACTLY how you wear a moustache THANK YOU SIR. I wish I looked like that sooo much you have no idea.


The following has no bearing on my rating for the film as I know it’s not the book, and isn’t even meant to be that similar, but it still pisses me off when films take the name of books but are different stories. Just call it something else. This is soooo ‘loosely’ based. Call it the 29 steps instead because I was here waiting for the explosions and disguises and espionage of the book….


Book Hannay: meh. Kinda cool I guess?
Film Hannay: 😳🥺🥰😩😍🥵😵 + he’s all bundled up in his many coats and jackets looking all 🧸 + the way he says ‘merderuhh’ + his dumb humour + yet again, his moustache.

And of course this film is just so visually stunning & stylish and insanely charming. Plus it has 10x more women than the book. Honestly don’t think there’s a single one.