The Enforcer ★★★

Callahan: Marvelous

Trying to create a balance between violence and humour is always difficult and The Enforcer didn't pull it off successfully.

A new dirty Harry movie also means a new partner for Dirty Harry since his partners have the habit of dying on him. The chemistry between Clint Eastwood and Tyne Daly (who would later star in Cagney & Lacey) is predictable but at times amusing, especially the sighed 'marvelous' several times by Clint.

So far this is the weakest Dirty Harry, not because of its story line, the Dirty Harry one-liners but for the lack of a true and worthy nemesis. The lack of a villain the likes of Scorpio ore David Soul as in Magnum Force makes this a regular action movie from the 1970s, still fun to watch but hardly remarkable.