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  • The Meg

    The Meg


    There is no other way to describe this film. The acting is laughable. The CGI, the writing, plot, it's just bad. What has happened to Hollywood? Seriously.

    This movie was so corny and cheesy. Lines were lame I just laughed throughout the movie. Wouldn't recommend to anyone. I guess Jason Statham really needed the money.

    Honestly this film has not only the worst dialogue of any movie this summer/year. It is the worst dialogue I have ever heard in a…

  • Blood on the Moon

    Blood on the Moon


    Taglines: Just remember...A WOMAN'S BULLETS KILL AS QUICK AS A MAN'S! Straight from the rip-roaring pages of the famous Saturday Evening Post serial story of blood and thunder in the old West! (1948 Life Magazine ad & 6-column newspaper ad)

    The concept of the "noir western" is unthinkable without Robert Mitchum. Mitchum, who started his career as a heavy in B westerns and went on to be hailed as the "soul of film noir" for his world-weary cynicism and cool, doomed…

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  • Nightmare Alley

    Nightmare Alley


    Carny Noir. Taglines: He was all things to all men ... but only one thing to all women!

    Tyrone Power gave one of his finest performances in "Nightmare Alley." His off-beat role highlighted a strange and intriguing tale, and was a role which he reportedly fought hard to get, upon his return to film work following military duty.

    One of the most obscure films produced by classic Hollywood. It's Tyrone Power in the role of his life and the tragedy…

  • Hollow Triumph

    Hollow Triumph


    Irony Noir. What an ending. You can’t escape your fate. Out of the frying pan, into the fire. Alternative title: "The Scar".

    Lighting was fantastic. "Hollow Triumph" is a very fine example of film noir. It is tough, gritty, full of duplicity, and identities that shift across screen time. But what really makes this film sing is the vivid low-key photography of John Alton. Dark sets lit with single light sources, bizarre angles and strong uses of deep focus compositions…