Shack Out on 101 ★★★½

Cold War Commie Noir! Lame tag line - Four Men and a Girl!

Teeth-towel fisticuffs, weight lifting, sea shell collecting, greasy spoon melodrama, sexual harassment, noir-ish nonsense, and post traumatic stress disorder. This goofball of a film has it all.

The best espionage melodrama with spearfishing in a barroom.

The most important thing about this amazing piece is that despite its limitations from the buck two-eighty budget to the sledgehammered propagandist overtones to the all-over-the-place acting, this is a highly entertaining and enigmatic movie-going experience. That is not to say that it makes a lick of sense.

You start with Lee Marvin as "Slob" and the "chickie" named Kotty. Kotty? Who thought that name up? Then there is sexy citizenship question time. Who doesn't want to start smooching after naming the 3 branches of government and then lament there isn't a fourth.

This is pure lusty FUN... the story of a good girl gone bad and bad men gone worse!

Here's an object lesson on how someone with screen charisma can overcome incredible problems, including a spotty on-the-nose script and zero production values. In this case, young Lee Marvin (SLOB) absolutely obliterates, yanking all our attention away from whatever else is happening (generally not much) in any given scene. This IS a compliment.

The plot contrivances have to be seen to be believed, especially the triple-macguffin love interest subplot with the State Department lunkhead and Moore walking straight in and out of the spy conference without being noticed. Lots of political speeches, all somehow overwrought and vague at the same time. Also, foreshadowing so HUGE, it would cause an eclipse.

Bonus items:
Jazzy score with a Louie Prima song
Wierd Chicken reference - Acme Poultry delivery men
Harpoon shopping
Flipper fun
Giant walkie talkies
Flagrant exploding marlin bonanza
They ran out of harpoon budget at the end