• Strangler of the Swamp

    Strangler of the Swamp


    This movie has the benefit of a genuinely spooky environment and an antagonist who is much creepier than your garden variety vengeful spirit from the 1940s. Unfortunately, the drama, as well as some of the performances, leave a lot to be desired. That said, this makes for a quick and interesting watch for anyone interested in Poverty Row horror films.

  • Repeat Performance

    Repeat Performance


    A nifty, noir-tinged supernatural film that many have rightly compared to an extended Twilight Zone episode.  While the performances are quite good overall, I wish the plot had been tighter, with more focus on cause and effect.

  • Phantom of Chinatown

    Phantom of Chinatown


    Undeniably cheap, but packs a lot of fun twists into an hour.  I wish there were more of these films with Luke in the lead as he’s solid here.  Notable for its sympathetic and (mostly) even-handed treatment of its Asian characters.

  • Money Madness

    Money Madness


    Do you need to watch this movie? I dunno, do you need to see Ward Cleaver slap a dame?!

    In all honesty, given the limited means of the production, Money Madness is a pretty solid noir. The two leads acquit themselves fairly well and the conclusion doesn't pull its punch, which is kind of a rarity. In the end, I debated giving this 3 or 3 1/2 stars and decided to be generous and go with the higher rating.

  • The Devil Bat

    The Devil Bat


    The way Dr. Carruthers tells his soon-to-be victims “goodbye” upon being told “goodnight” is one of my favorite aspects of this poverty row oddity.

  • Batman & Robin

    Batman & Robin


    Not good, but more fun than Batman Forever. Hate me.

  • That Brennan Girl

    That Brennan Girl


    A well-made and acted film that in the end...is just a little insubstantial. Mona Freeman is excellent in the titular part, but I wish there had been more to it.

  • White Zombie

    White Zombie


    Enjoyably macabre horror film that's light on plot and heavy on atmosphere. Bela Lugosi is a welcome presence as a voodoo practioner with evil designs (and gloriously satanic facial hair).

  • The Mad Monster

    The Mad Monster


    Undeniably cheap and lacking in smarts, but there's still a charm to it. In its better moments, I don't feel it's much worse than your average Universal Frankenstein sequel.

  • I Wouldn't Be in Your Shoes

    I Wouldn't Be in Your Shoes


    While its plot is too silly and some of its performances are too lacking for me to say this movie is good, it is kind of enjoyably loopy and, as noir-infused crime films are a dime a dozen, it’s nice to see one that stands out. If it'd had delved into the thornier elements of Elyse Knox's character and her relationship with her husband, this could've been on untrodden ground. No such luck there, though.

  • The Vampire's Ghost

    The Vampire's Ghost


    A pretty fun little vampire movie that benefits from its novel setting: the jungles of Africa. I would have rated it slightly more highly if it weren't for a couple dodgy performances and some inelegant, expository dialogue. Despite these, the film finishes strong and is worth checking out for fans of old horror titles.

  • Friday Foster

    Friday Foster


    Pretty fun film that, despite an excellent cast, just doesn't quite come together. Still very much worth a watch.