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  • Dogfight



    River Phoenix plays a SUCH A GOOD 1960s guy. He was perfect. I wish he had lived. Parts of this movie really surprised me because it made me think of specific moments to when I was a teenager that I haven’t thought about since then, like sneaking around my parents house at night, making someone listen to the music that meant so much to me and trying to make them feel what I do... going on bad/crazy dates, having adventures in the city, having my feelings hurt, etc. I loved this.

  • Batman



    I love all the Batman movies. I especially love this one because you have: Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson, Jerry Hall, and Kim Basinger in all their 80s glory. I absolutely love watching all these movies because there is nothing like the feeling of such a darkness to the city night life, most likely designed by Anton Furst who gave it such a gothic look, and also took his actual life, sadly. I constantly look for other movies with this “dark city night” theme, but always come up empty handed. The closest I get is the first Sin City, but that’s about it.