In the Mood for Love

In the Mood for Love ★★★★½

I can't waste time wondering if I made mistakes. Life's too short for that.

In the Mood For Love is equal parts of beautiful and dreadful. it’s perfectly crafted on so many levels -

the acting by both tony leung chiu-wai and maggie cheung is absolutely flawless. at times you forget you're even watching a movie. it feels like you’re just looking in on two normal people’s lives

the score of the film is so haunting yet so beautiful and whenever it was playing i couldn’t help but get lost in it - it’s hard to get out of your head once you first hear it and you won’t be mad that you can’t quite shake it. it’s amazing

the cinematography is outstanding and filled with vibrant reds (that symbolize passion), deep blues (that symbolize guilt) and vigorous greens (that symbolize jealousy). the contrast between the dark urban streets and the well-lit restaurants give In the Mood For Love a neo-noir feel that i just love

OH I ALMOST FORGOT ABOUT THE CAMERAWORK - the camerawork here is so special

as all great camerawork should, it enhances the relationship between the characters and provides the audience with even more depth of the feelings that are being expressed

it gives us a feeling that this is really happening by allowing us to really watch and observe both these characters more naturally through placing them in the background and at times holding on close-ups to really understand the subtext

i could go on and on but what i’m saying won’t do In the Mood For Love any justice - it’s like trying to describe a sunset to someone

yeah, i could talk about how beautiful it is and how it makes me feel inside -

but much like all works of art, you need to see this for yourself

i highly recommend this masterpiece

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