Johnny Mnemonic ★★★★

Perpetually correcting my bad takes from the past. Saw this at the cinema when it came out and did not get what they were trying to do. Rewatch when I joined Letterboxd also didn't clear things up for me. I just wasn't ready. I get it now. What this is, is a generously budgeted live-action anime that could've just as well been directed by Albert Pyun. Everyone who likes this and dismisses anime is lying to themselves. Including the director, who I'm calling out for an A Number 1 Weeb.

I wish I could go into this for the first time, not knowing Dolph Lundgren shows up an hour into the movie as an evil cyborg priest, saying shit like "JESUS TIME" like some sorta cyberpunk <insert Jersey accent> Soopa Merriow.

Once again nominating 1995 for wyldest time to be alive in movie history.

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