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  • On the Run

    On the Run


    Oof, this is far from a super fun happy slide of an action movie. There's no fancy choreography on display here, just a grim, bloody journey into the pits of despair. You really only get the bare minimum of Blade Runner neon and Carpenter synths to digest every punch to the gut. It's definitely a good movie but I honestly don't see me revisiting it any time soon.

  • The Rage

    The Rage

    WHAT IF:
    Birdemic but imagined by Slipknot

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  • Alien: Covenant

    Alien: Covenant


    there's a scene in this where michael fassbender teaches michael fassbender 2.0 to mimic a song on the flute and then he says "I'll do the fingering" so I guess this is an autobiography of ridley scott's career

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  • Moonlight



    guys full disclosure I consider myself a classic man, but moonlight is the motherfucker

    I have no idea what I just said now but apparently it gets you a lot of likes