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  • Family Romance, LLC

    Family Romance, LLC


    Til the last few minutes I was convinced this was a documentary of some sort. But I went back and got parts of it that implied it wasn’t. I must say, what a concept!! I saw another Japanese film called Rent A Friend back in May and this is in the same wheelhouse. This type of people service if I may is something that really exists and I always wonder: where does one draw the line in search of mere, momentary connection?

  • Viena and the Fantomes

    Viena and the Fantomes

    This has been on my radar for quite some time but apparently production started in 2014??! Kind of explains why the cast still looked fairly young. I mean...6 years is a pretty long time. Anyway, I found the look of the movie too dim. It was difficult to see! Certainly didn’t feel like the 80’s (how would I know I wasn’t even alive then lol). All things considered, it’s not for me. Sorry. Frank Dillane and Jeremy Allen White though!!! Maybe this could have been a Netflix series!

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  • Four Sisters and a Wedding

    Four Sisters and a Wedding


    "So that explains the blazer in this blazing heat!"

    Yes 5 stars.

    Loved the cast, the story, the punchlines, everything really. Toni & Bea were standouts. Such a feel-good family flick but at times heart-wrenching. Forget about the story, the strong acting was the highlight of this movie. I shed some tears not gonna lie.

    I absolutely dig Star Cinema films as well as the artists in ABS-CBN & my longing to see original Filipino movies grew more when I found out about Cinemalaya! Somebody here please give me links so I can watch them!

    I'm not a shallow person.

  • Straight Outta Compton

    Straight Outta Compton


    "Trust is a motherfucker"

    I'll go as far as to saying that this might end up in my top 10 this year. Very good. Also RELEVANT. It wasn't just about the lives that these artists lived, but something that has happened before is resurfacing to remind us about the most disgusting social issues in America.