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  • Happy Accidents

    Happy Accidents


    "I'm willing to find a balance between my own needs and my concern for others. I'm learning to love myself more everyday."

    Funny story, I first heard about this film when I was an intern for a movie publication and while I was always gonna see it but didn't actually take
    the time to, it was always on my radar. Time flew by. This movie is about time. That's the punchline. I didn't realize it was about time travel which…

  • Happy Hour

    Happy Hour


    This 5 hour-17 minute film will feel like a chore to some people but not me baby. I can’t believe I waited this long to see it and I wanted more after the credits rolled. Its seemingly (and deceptively) simple plot highlights the minutiae of every day life we so often take for granted, the good and the bad, until we see the cracks in reality. I can’t even pinpoint what it’s really about even if I tried. Ryusuke Hamaguchi…

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  • Four Sisters and a Wedding

    Four Sisters and a Wedding


    "Bakit parang kasalanan ko?"

    Yes 5 stars. That line alone is a cultural reset. What a great movie. I revisit this almost every year after its release.

  • Straight Outta Compton

    Straight Outta Compton


    "Trust is a motherfucker"

    I'll go as far as to saying that this might end up in my top 10 this year. Very good. Also RELEVANT. It wasn't just about the lives that these artists lived, but something that has happened before is resurfacing to remind us about the most disgusting social issues in America.