• The Super Mario Bros. Movie

    The Super Mario Bros. Movie


    Pretty good for what it is. Could be five stars if I'd still care about this kind of movies.

  • Toubab



    Vorhersehbare Story, aber solide inszeniert und die Schauspieler machen es spaßig und glaubwürdig.

  • The Confession Killer

    The Confession Killer

    I've seen a lot of true crime shit but this is quite something

  • The Batman

    The Batman

    Most stylish Batman since Burtons Returns but kinda boring and cringe sometimes. 

    (watched only half of it)

  • Eternals



    I don't feel eternal enough for this.

  • Above Us Only Sky

    Above Us Only Sky


    Sandra Hüller 😧

  • Teenage Wolfpack

    Teenage Wolfpack


    Historically very interesting. This is filmed only a few years after Berlin was a completely fucked up dystopia and everyone was heavily affected by the war. Horst Buchholz and Karin Baal are both great but I don't like her story arc.

  • Berlin Syndrome

    Berlin Syndrome


    Solid genre film but it wasn't fun to watch at all and I didn't like the ending.

  • A Coffee in Berlin

    A Coffee in Berlin


    Not very interesting but good for what it is and I loved the scene at the dealers home.

  • Shark Alarm at Müggel Lake

    Shark Alarm at Müggel Lake


    Sehr bemüht schräg und erstaunlich unlustig.

  • Point Break

    Point Break


    They tried so hard but the original is much better.

  • Yesterday



    Fun idea, well directed and played but the story is predictable and not very interesting.