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  • The Predator

    The Predator


    Really wanted to like this but found most parts of it too silly with sloppy dialogue and weird characters. Expected better from Shane Black. What a shame.

  • Widows



    Haven’t felt this way watching a thriller since Gone Girl.

    So well crafted. Ticked all the right boxes for a proper thriller. Not a simple package - this had real female characters getting the job done!

    Big performances from everyone (including the pup), juicy storyline and great action scenes.

    Hard to top.

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  • TRON: Legacy

    TRON: Legacy


    I keep coming back to this flick.

    I've got love for you if you like this movie.


  • Looper



    Looper is a great movie. It’s also a small miracle when you consider it was made on a boot-string budget ($30m).

    I was completely sold by JGL's make-up and admired his mimicking of Willis, especially in the scene between Joe and Abe (from the moment he strolls into the room to the subtle chuckle).

    The film is bursting with other terrific performances - including Willis, who lately has been guilty of phoning in his roles. Paul Dano’s brilliant (albeit brief)…