Zombieland: Double Tap

Zombieland: Double Tap ★★★

They're back! ...we had to wait 10 years for the sequeal but you know what!? I was worth it, I loved it ...it was dumb fun but I had I great time watching it at the big screen laughing so hard, it was a total blast!

Many of the characteristics of the first movie were back, just like the previous movie, we had once again a Metallica song and Man! That was brutally awesome.

The White House, the Elvis and Hippie situations added it so much more to the Zombieland concept ...I think the humor was more ranchy this time but I still dig it.

Its flaws are very notorious but since I had good time with it I'm giving it that rating, besides ...isn't this kind of movies about fun!? I love Horror Comedies.

I'll finish saying that I fell in love with Madison, Zoey Deutch' character *v*)

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