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  • Baby Bump

    Baby Bump


    Dojebane. W sumie nie wiem czy widziałem bardziej twórczy obraz tematu odcięcia pępowiny, trudnej ucieczki od nadopiekuńczej matki - macicy przesyconej słodkością, różowością, i freudowskimi nurtami. Po połowicznym wstrząsającym ’nagim wyjściu na świat’, rzeczywistość nabiera gorączkowy, podniecony, i sztuczny charakter, pełen strumieniami flirtów, narkotyków, seksualnych obaw, czy nieuniknionych sprzecznych pragnień. Typowe dorastanie. Zajebisty film.

  • Tower



    Pretty cleverly set up, with a variety of people recounting how fully mentally and physically they were embedded in their everyday lives (filled with jolly happy radio music or cigarettes smoked inside cafeterias before going to classes), until they were penetrated by piercing bullets impending from a camouflaged many-windowed vantage point above the whole social field. The dangerous unexpected creeping into the quotidian, to finally engulf it, usurping the city and ultimately nation’s attention. The established style (rotoscope animation with…

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  • Mandy



    "Basically the perfect movie."

    Hell’s heart fires black arrows, incising into the flesh, exquisitely deeper and deeper. Each shot is aesthetically superlative, carrying enrapturing-hallucinant whirls of textures, details, and colours, shooting up occulted magic into ones flowing bloodstream, which eventually gushes out through the burning orifices, meshing in unholy communion with the strange mountains, chthonic intensities, and dark sonorities of infernal ecstasy. Eyes blaze.

  • Vampyr



    It was only appropriate for my first viewing earlier this month to be a semi-conscious half-asleep drunk one, as the film really is about dreams and becoming stuck in a netherworld zone between two more concretely defined ones: techno-stylistically it's is somewhere between silent and sound cinema, narratively the characters are suspended between life and death, etc. I dug the themes of death and vampiric desire to suck the life force out of others to prolong ones shadowy semi-existence for…