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  • mother!



    this is trite pretentious bullshit

  • Baghdad Thief

    Baghdad Thief


    Production values and cinematography and animation were all AMAZING; what a budget this film must have had.

    There were some tropes here that I usually enjoy, but they were executed in a distinctly Egyptian way, which I didn't like. Interesting side characters were severely hindered by a lackluster lead and terribly executed plot.

    Amina Khalil was incredible as always, and Yasmine Raees gave it her all too. I like Mohamed Imam, but he pretty much plays the same exact character in every film, so I'm starting to think he can't actually act.

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  • The Blackcoat's Daughter

    The Blackcoat's Daughter


    This was excellent. Super disturbing and clever; it plays on the demonic possession trope in a really original and surprising way. And fantastic performance from Kiernan Shipka; that girl knows how to do creepy!

  • Midsommar



    this was bizarre as hell but i feel like there was a lot of missed potential to really dig into the lives of the characters? i know that probably wasn't the point but i couldn't help but feel like the characters were emotionally vacant aside from the singular tropes and traits that defined them, which ultimately meant that the climax of the movie was less satisfying. i enjoyed it as a straight-up, straightforward film about cults and sacrifice, and it was weird and gory enough to entice.