Favorite films

  • Toni Erdmann
  • Another Year
  • Being John Malkovich
  • The Green Ray

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  • Nope

  • Elvis

  • The Game

  • Marjorie Prime

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  • Nope


    Don’t know about Peele being a master and don’t much care about the main conceit/threat/thing here, but it’s a joy to see him having fun with this. A few really winsome visual ideas.

  • Elvis


    Enjoyed this a lot. Love the Trouble scene.
    Half-expected Elvis to start singing “One day I’ll fly away etc etc” from his penthouse at the International.

Popular reviews

  • The Woman Who Ran

    The Woman Who Ran


    A film:
    - with the absolute best cat scene ever;
    - where people talk all the time, but it’s really about the things they don’t say;
    - that ends with Kim Min-hee seeing a film while thinking her thoughts, as we see the same film she’s seeing, thinking our own thoughts as well.


    And that’s the end of the Berlinale for me.

  • DAU. Natasha

    DAU. Natasha


    I got out of the theatre after seeing this and honestly I felt shaken and like I really needed a minute to get it together before going back to functioning in the real world. First thing I did was immediately google more about the DAU project, the unbelievable and ambitious world building project this film is derived from. I had a vague knowledge of what this was about, but I did not expect the film to evolve so dryly and…