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  • Blind



    Wouldn’t think a film about a woman dealing with becoming blind could be as clever and challenging as this.

    It sort of reminded me of Amalric’s Serre-moi fort that I saw a few weeks ago, where a character’s imagination takes over the film with invisible, purposefully confusing editing, but I’d say this is the better film.

    I love how thoughtfully it considers practical, psychological, perception issues you’d have becoming blind that aren’t that obvious, and without being pandering or sentimental.…

  • Fanny and Alexander

    Fanny and Alexander


    The person I watched this with pointed out how much Emilie looks like Daenerys Targaryen and then I couldn’t stop thinking about it lol

    Seriously though, watching this hit a lot harder this time. There’s so much on life and everything here. It makes you feel like a little kid again, helpless inside a beautiful but scary world.

    Emilie’s screams cut right through my soul. So did Alexander’s ruthless swearing and blaspheming. It’s something so real and raw, that kids…

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  • DAU. Natasha

    DAU. Natasha


    I got out of the theatre after seeing this and honestly I felt shaken and like I really needed a minute to get it together before going back to functioning in the real world. First thing I did was immediately google more about the DAU project, the unbelievable and ambitious world building project this film is derived from. I had a vague knowledge of what this was about, but I did not expect the film to evolve so dryly and…

  • The Woman Who Ran

    The Woman Who Ran


    A film:
    - with the absolute best cat scene ever;
    - where people talk all the time, but it’s really about the things they don’t say;
    - that ends with Kim Min-hee seeing a film while thinking her thoughts, as we see the same film she’s seeing, thinking our own thoughts as well.


    And that’s the end of the Berlinale for me.